Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Error: not enough disk space for installation"

Or something like that. After clearing space, and a ridiculous 8+ hour download for reinstall yesterday, I still do not have "required disk space" to install the update. I found another blog online that mentions the free space you need is equivalent to twice what your WoW folder currently is, because it's completely re-doing the way the client runs. It's all "temporary" data, and that's all well and good for people with umpteen-million gigs of hard drive space, but for us laptop users, 19GB x2 is a crazy stupid amount.

Currently, I am transferring all WoW data to an external hard drive with more than enough space. Found some forum posts that suggest this might be my solution. I won't be running WoW from the hard drive, I'll move everything back once it's done being a jerk about space. It's Thursday and I still haven't gotten to play the new stuff. I'll be getting on Super's computer later because I'm finally not going to be at work late and he'll be out, but I want to play on my own computer, re-ad my mods, etc. I'm so uber frustrated with this patch/update/Blizzard/WoW that I have to jump through all these hoops for TEMPORARY files. My computer is now stripped down to the basics, and by basics, I mean pretty much just WoW. I transferred all my music and pictures to a hard drive, this machine is now good for word processing, internet browsing, and WoW. I have a $1,200 Apple netbook now, and I'm not happy about it.

Will post again later if external hard drive was the solution to this insane problem.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Cata, yo

As the majority of the people now know: the Cata patch dropped yesterday. I'm sure many people are enjoying it (or not in some cases) even right now. I have yet to be able to touch it. Not because I've been too busy (although, that's the reason for the lack of posts in the month of September), but because of my laptop's lack of hard drive space.

It downloaded just fine last night while I was sleeping (had it at work, and didn't want to download it on the clock, silly me), but when it went to install, it couldn't because there wasn't enough temporary space free. My laptop is almost four years old, the total hard drive space is 80GB, which I think iPods are either at or have surpassed. The patch needed close to 20GB free temporarily in order to install everything, something I just didn't have, so I had to make space. I cleared my pictures, music, anything I didn't need anymore (which included old patches). I thought I'd be set when I got to work this morning (brought it with me again today, have to stay late and didn't want to be without something fun to do) and the login screen was new and I had to agree to the terms and conditions. Much to my dismay, I couldn't log in. At all. I could enter my info, push "login", and then WoW would quit. The installer had error messages about not being able to delete some older patches (which I had deleted myself, it seems, prematurely), so I think that was probably the problem. The only solution I could really find was to uninstall WoW, and download the latest client (which includes 4.0.1 and doesn't need 20GB of temporary space), and re-install.

So that's what my laptop's been doing for the last, oh, 4 hours. It's at 34%. 3.0GB out of 7.4GB. I desperately want a new one, something faster with far more hard drive space so I don't run into this problem again. Super got on last night when the servers came up, and got to play this morning I'm sure. I have yet to see what in the world my poor Kady looks like, I have no idea what I'm going to do to her talent tree.

I need food...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spells We've Re-named :)

It's a game, plain and simple. I think sometimes serious raiders tend to forget that, forget to enjoy the game. We wiped non-stop on Arthas last Wednesday, but I had more fun than I've had raiding in a while. One liners left and right coming from the guildies, including a couple that made it to our Guild Message (sadly not all could fit!). The repair bills didn't matter, we were having fun. What a novel idea. Having fun while playing a game ;)

Here are some spells that we've re-named in the process of having fun with ICC.

Love Chain: Pact of the Darkfallen

Fire Farts: Swarming Shadows

CHOMP!: Frenzied Bloodthirst

The Clap: Necrotic Plague

I'll have to post some raid quotes another time, but they're usually quite hysterical XD

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waving Hello to Artie

Pictures from tonight's raid: Our first attempt at the big LK :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Raid Progresssion

It's been a while since I posted how our guild is doing with raid progression. This post has especially good timing considering the progress we made last night :)

The tabard that Kady is wearing is her new guild tabard. Gates of Dawn and Broken Kingdom officially came together and created a new, merged guild called Run Away Little Girl. The old guilds still exist and have alts in them to maintain them, but we will be using the new merged guild, RALG, for the purpose of staffing both sets of raid nights. The merge paid off last night when the former GoD crew (now dubbed the "Wednesday" group), along with members from the BK crew, downed Sindragosa for the very first time! It took several attempts but eventually we mastered the fight and took that annoying, PMSing dragon down!

After distributing the loot, we headed over to Plague where we pwn3d Festergut and Rotface big time. It was like watching a choreographed dance, we were smooth, seamless, and kick-ass! There will be discussion next week as to whether or not we'll want to extend the raid lock and wave hello to the big LK (after the Prof. of course). We also have not yet set foot in the Ruby Sanctum (not as a guild anyway, the Thur/Fri group, and a few of our Wed raiders have pugged it, but that's the extent of it), and I'm eager to try that one out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What do you do during que?

As a tank, or even a healer, the Random Que doesn't take very long. You get your frosties in no time at all and you're on your way.

As a DPS on the other hand, you can wait fifteen minutes or more just for one dungeon. What to do with that time? Sure you can do dailies or work on getting Loremaster. I do those sometimes, but mostly, I knit.

I took up knitting a month or so ago. Not as difficult as I originally thought and way more fun. I'm very much a visual person, colors and shapes attract my attention. Creating something, crafting something, being able to do it anywhere I go (without the annoying necessity of batteries), I was probably bound to pick up knitting one way or another. is now another website that I've become addicted to, users can upload pictures of projects and share patterns as well as buy new ones. Very cool, very useful.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Chieftain Swiftspear and Frostfloe Deep

A friend on another realm was telling me today about a new thing that hackers are doing. A buddy of his had been hacked and when he had regained his account, one of his characters was dead in a strange cave in Stormpeaks. After looking around for a bit, he noticed what appeared to be several horde bots (characters being run by algorithms) running around and killing the elementals in the cave, Wailing Winds. Apparently they're a pretty good source of crystallized fire. What hackers have been doing is taking geared toons on accounts they've hacked up to this cave and just farming crystallized fire and putting stacks of eternal fire on the AH. What my friend found more interesting was the fact that neither he nor the buddy who had been hacked, had seen this cave before. After talking with some friends on the horde side (Camp Tunka'lo is pretty much directly south of this cave) they found out their friends didn't know anything about the cave either. Since checking would make too much sense for them, I did it ;)

The cave is called Frostfloe Deep. Inside the cave is the spirit of a Tauren named Chieftain Swiftspear. As a Horde member only, you get a quest from Xarantaur at Camp Tunka'lo to find Swiftspear and ask him about his memories. Turns out, the cave is a burial ground for the ancient warriors of Tunka'lo that has been taken over by a strange, elemental force. This force has been disturbing the spirits in the tomb as well as erasing Swiftspear's memories from life. He asks you to take his totem and close the rifts that have opened inside the tomb to restore the peace. You get sent back to Xarantaur after that to finish up the quest lines. It's really an interesting bit of lore, almost makes me wish I played Horde. Almost ;)

The mouth of Frostfloe Deep.

Chieftain Swiftspear