Friday, July 16, 2010

What do you do during que?

As a tank, or even a healer, the Random Que doesn't take very long. You get your frosties in no time at all and you're on your way.

As a DPS on the other hand, you can wait fifteen minutes or more just for one dungeon. What to do with that time? Sure you can do dailies or work on getting Loremaster. I do those sometimes, but mostly, I knit.

I took up knitting a month or so ago. Not as difficult as I originally thought and way more fun. I'm very much a visual person, colors and shapes attract my attention. Creating something, crafting something, being able to do it anywhere I go (without the annoying necessity of batteries), I was probably bound to pick up knitting one way or another. is now another website that I've become addicted to, users can upload pictures of projects and share patterns as well as buy new ones. Very cool, very useful.

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  1. I tried to learn to knit, had my mother teach me, a stich n bitch group I went to, but alas knitting fails me. I have two monitors so I'm normally watching/reading something on the other if I have to wait for anything for a long time, but knitting is easy to put down, and pick back up - sounds like an ideal side project